Degrees earned during the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Graduation each year is a joyous event representing the successful completion of a number of years of hard work by the candidates and the faculty. Titles of the five Doctoral dissertations and the six Master's projects for this academic year are shown below.

















Doctoral Degrees




Kefah Barham (Palestine)
Computer technology integration onto Palestinian
secondary schools: Theory and practice


Amina Davlatshoeva (Tajikistan)
Understanding health issues among adolescent females in a northeast province of Afghanistan

Paul Frisoli (USA)
Teachers’ experiences of professional development in (post) crisis Katanga Province, Southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo: A case study of teacher learning circles


Ricardo Gomez (Colombia)
A program evaluation of a policy intervention to
increase racial diversity in the sciences and engineering

Angela Yang Handy (USA/Philippines)
Preparing visually impaired people in the Philippines for mainstream employment: Perceptions of the impacts of ICT accessibility








































Master's Degrees

At the end of each semester the Master's candidates who are graduating make a presentation to the CIE community in a Tuesday Dialogue. This year's presentations were notable for their striking visual content, with one of them integrating video and audio, even doing the literature review as a short embedded video. Afterwards there were celebrations and pictures with the faculty advisers.



El Shaymaa Ahmad (Egypt)
Perceptions of Health Educators and Supervisors about their Preparation in Alexandria, Egypt


Hunter Gray (USA)
Negotiating Invisibility: Strategies that organizations in Asia use to address LGBT prejudice


Sebastian Lindstrom (Sweden)
Through the camera lens: An exploration of visual representations of Africa by NGOs


Stephen Richardson (USA)
INGOs in the mirror: Critical reflections of practitioners implementing psychosocial support


Ryke Pribudhiana (Indonesia)
A Case Study of a Post-Literacy Program in Indonesia


Yaelle Stempfelet (USA)
Through a critical sociocultural lens: Parents' perceptions of an Early Childhood Program in Guatemala