Degrees Earned in the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Each May students, faculty and families gather to celebrate the accomplishments of the students associated with CIE who have successfully completed their degrees in the past academic year.  This year, COVID-19 led to a virtual gathering with everyone having to meet on Zoom and no chance for the usual graduation photos.   Pictured below is an informal gathering of some past, current and future CIE graduates.



This year five doctoral degrees were awarded.  The graduates are a diverse group, representing five different countries – China, Georgia, Senegal, Uzbekistan, and the USA.


Doctoral Graduates

Mekhribon Abdullaeva (Uzbekistan)

Experiences of Uzbek Immigrant Parents with Public Schools in New York City: Parental Engagement

Maguette Diame (Senegal)

Traditional Values and Local Community in the Formal Educational System in Senegal: A Year as a High School Teacher in Thies

Mei Lan Frame (USA)

The institutional Pillars of China’s National College Entrance Exam: A case study of Gaozhong high school and NCEE reforms

Tamar Lomiasvili (Uzbekistan)

Lost in Translation? Georgian Principals’ Professional Identity Development in the Context of Intense Policy Borrowing

Yi Sun (China)

Understanding China's Discourse on South-South Cooperation and the China-Africa Higher Education Exchange: A Field Research Study at Zhejiang Normal University's China-Africa International Business School


Dissertations can be downloaded free from CIE section of UMass Scholarworks HERE.