Degrees Earned in the 2018-2019 Academic Year


At the end of each academic year it is time to pause and celebrate the accomplishments of students associated with CIE who have completed their degrees during the academic year. (Pictured: graduates and faculty members).


This year graduates were awarded five doctoral degrees and two Education Specialist degrees.  They represent a variety of countries including Bangladesh, Georgia, Nigeria and the USA.


Doctoral Graduates

Sumera Ahsan (Bangladesh)

Teacher Education and Professional Development on Classroom Assessment in Bangladesh:  Exploring Policy and Practice through a Vertical Case Study

Ezekiel Abdulahi Babagario (Nigeria)

Interfaith Education and the Quest for Peacebuilding in Northern Nigeria

Mohammad Mahboob Morshed (Bangladesh)

Identity and Culture in an era of Migration and Globalization:  How Bangladeshi Parents Navigate and Negotiate Child-rearing Practices in the USA

Nina Papadopoulos (USA)

Applying Stakeholder Analysis to Lay the Groundwork for Conflict-Sensitive Education in the Somali Education Sector

Stephanie Pirroni (USA)

Interweaving Personal and Community Transformation in a Capability Approach: An Education for Development Case Study in Colombia

Education Specialist Graduates


Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is an advanced terminal degree in the U.S. that is designed for individuals who wish to develop advanced knowledge and theory beyond the master's degree level, but may not wish to pursue a degree at the doctoral level. The Ed.S. requires a minimum of 30-credit-hours of study beyond the master's degree.


Lasha Kokilashvili (Georgia)

Kimberly Parekh (USA)


Pictures from Graduation Celebrations