Degrees Earned in 2016-2017 Academic Year

Graduation in May of each year is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of the students associated with CIE who completed their degrees during the academic year. (Pictured: graduates and faculty members)


This year three Doctoral students, eight Master’s students and one Education Specialist student received their degrees. These twelve students represent six different countries: Afghanistan, Guyana, South Korea, Palestine, Zimbabwe and the United States. Many of the graduates are pictured below.


Doctoral Graduates

Mohammad Javad Ahmadi (Afghanistan)

Capacity Development and Workplace Learning: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Workplace Learning in the Afghan Ministry of Education, Department of Planning


Hye Seung Cho (South Korea)

The Gaps between Values and Practices of GCE: A Critical Analysis of Global Citizenship Education in South Korea


Laureen Adele Pierre (Guyana)

The Role of Training in the Development of Amerindian Communities in Guyana: A Qualitative Case Study



Master's students complete a capstone project as part of their degree program.  Projects range from small-scale research projects to innovative applied activities. This year projects included a study of youth entrepreneurship training in Burkina Faso, an exploration of Peace building strategies in Palestine and an analysis of digital media projects for youth in challenging contexts.


Master's Projects


Kayla Boisvert (USA)

Responding to Complexity: A Case Study on the Use of Developmental Evaluation for Managing Adaptively


Vongaishe Morrine Changamire (Zimbabwe)

Exploring Models for Civil Society Funding of Education in Zimbabwe by Vongaishe Morrine Changamire



Benjamin Herson (USA)

Rebel Media



Razia Karim (Afghanistan)

Women’s Access to Public Higher Education in Afghanistan



Nolizwe Mhlaba (Zimbabwe)

Problematizing Entrepreneurship (Education): A Case Study of a Youth Program in Burkina Faso