Degrees earned in 2015-2016 Academic Year


In May, CIE celebrated the success of those completing graduate degrees.  Four Doctoral students and five Master's students completed their degrees and took part in the graduation ceremony. The nine students were from eight different countries:  Benin, Bhutan, India, Japan, Malawi, Pakistan, South Korea and the U.S,


Doctoral Graduates


Satomi Kamei (Japan)
Ownership In The Development Discourse: A Case Study In Education In Tanzania


Yang Gyeltshen (Bhutan)
Contemplative practices and learning: A holistic approach to education in Bhutan

Muhammad Naeem Khawaja (Pakistan)

"How many generations will be spoiled at the cost of such compromises?" The resolution strategies of high school principals in value-conflict situations between school law and moral values in Azad Kashmir


Simeon Afouda (Benin)
Obstacles to girls’ education and girls’ lived school experience in Benin: School as an institution of cultural transmission



Master's students complete a capstone project as part of their degree program.  Projects range from small-scale research projects to innovative applied activities. This year one of the projects was a needs assessment as part of designing an intervention for adolescent girls in India.


Master's Graduates


Evangeline Ambat (India)
Building a community network to advocate for health & aspirations of unmarried adolescent girls in Kolkata, India


Foster Kamanga (Malawi)
Experiences of Religious Minorities in Public High Schools in the Pioneer Valley: The Case of Jehovah’s Witnesses


Surl Hee Kim (South Korea)
Sources of Influence on Perceptions of South Korean Youth toward Unification of North and South Korea


Lusayo Mwenifumbo (Malawi)
Digital Media Training for Pre-service Teachers: A Comparison from a TTC in Malawi and the College of Education at University in Massachusetts Amherst


Lukas Winfield (USA)
Teaching the Thai-Lao Mother tongue: Teacher Needs, Competencies and Conditions for Effective Instruction


Graduation is a time of celebration - time to congratulate the graduate and for the graduate to express thanks to their advisor as well. 


Pictures from Graduation Events