Degrees earned in 2014-2015 Academic Year

In May each year the University invites all those who have completed degrees during the Academic year to celebrate their accomplishments at commencement. This year the program in International Education produced four Doctoral degrees, four Education Specialist degrees, and two Master's degrees. As usual the students represent a diverse set of countries and pursued a wide variety of topics during their studies. Graduates and faculty members are pictured below after the commencement ceremony.



Doctoral Degrees

Konda Reddy Chavva (India)

Cultivating Communities of Practice to Develop Local Preparedness for Climate Change


Mindy Eichhorn (USA)

A critical examination of policy and practice in the transition experience for students with math learning disabilities in Mumbai, India.

Salma Nazar Khan (Pakistan)
“Did It Help Me? Am I Prepared? Am I A Reflective Practitioner?” Views of University Faculty on Microteaching in Pakistan   
Karla Sarr (USA)
Integrating Cultures within Formal Schooling: Exploring Opportunities for Cultural Relevancy in Peri-Urban Senegal 



Masters Degrees

Christina Chen (USA)
Digital Storytelling with Refugee Youth: A Tool for Promoting Literacy, Youth Empowerment and Catalyst for Social Action
Promise Mchenga (Malawi)
The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Non-formal Health Education in Dzaleka Refugee Camp