CIE/IE Degrees Earned in the 2022-2023 Academic Year



Once again UMass changed the pattern of graduation ceremonies with Master’s degrees being awarded in a separate ceremony on a different day, while the doctoral students were hooded in a joint ceremony with the undergraduates in the stadium.






In a very unusual occurrence, Ben Scherrer and Mariam Rashid, a married couple who are both associated with CIE were each awarded doctoral degrees in the same ceremony.  (Pictured left)





This year there was a larger than usual group of CIE/IE doctoral graduates representing five different countries: Afghanistan, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi and the USA.


Jacob Carter (USA)
The puzzle of debutant INGO participation
in Guatemala’s National Reading Program
Leamos Juntos:  A Comparative and
Multi-sited Case Study.

Pempho Chinkondenji (Malawi)
The Im/possibilities of (Un)making In-school
Pregnancy and Student Motherhood
[as Praxis]: Schooling Post-Pregnancy
Amidst Health andSocial Crises in Malawi.

Lina Heaster-Ekholm (USA)
Ensuring Culturally Inclusive Online Learning
for International Students: A Delphi Study
to Identify Requisite Instructor Competencies.

Sayed Javid Mussawy (Afghanistan)
Accreditation of Teaching and Research
Universities in Afghanistan:
A Policy Implementation Analysis.

Julia Novrita (Indonesia)
"Sustaining Peace from Campus to Community”
The Role of Students to Promote Campus-level
Reconciliation: A Case Study of Maluku, Indonesia.

Mariam Rashid (Kenya)
Unsettling Resettlement: African Refugees in the U.S.
and the Paradoxes of Economic Self-Sufficiency.

Ben Scherrer (USA)
Living with Wetland, Defying Demarcations: Towards
Anti-Colonial Relations and Floodwater Pedagogies
in Climate Change Education.