CIE/IE Degrees Earned in the 2020-2021 Academic Year

This year the graduates were honored in a joint ceremony with all the other UMass graduate students. The still present COVID-19 pandemic led to a hybrid ceremony with the graduate students gathered on the field of the football stadium – all seated in a socially-distant array facing the commencement stage.  Graduates were awarded their degrees standing by their chairs.  Hooding of doctoral candidates became a personal event – done by a family member or friend before the public ceremony.  



There were five CIE/IE graduates this year, one Master’s student and four Ph.D students.  As always, they were a diverse group, representing different countries – India, Zimbabwe and the USA.



Doctoral Graduates

Nyaradzai Changamire (Zimbabwe)

The School and My Health: (Re)centering young women’s
voices in peer-led sexual and reproductive health (SRH)
education in Machakos, Kenya 

Jennifer Flemming (USA)

Mobilities Through and Against Governance: Narratives
from Lesvos, Greece, and the Humanitarian Borderscapes
of the EU

Bharat Rathod (India)

Dalit Academic Experiences: Stigma, Social Reproduction
and Systemic Exclusion in Indian Higher Education

Wendy Wheaton (USA)

The power of perception: Social cohesion, child protection,
and access to education in conflict-affected communities
in South Sudan


Master's students complete a capstone project as part of their degree program.  Projects range from small-scale research projects to innovative applied activities.


Master's Graduates

Shannon O’Leary (USA)

Decentering Western European Music:
Adding Global Context, Creativity,
and Critical Reflection to Music Education