CIE Gathering in San Francisco 2019



As it has for many years, CIE organized a reception at the annual CIES conference, held in San Francisco this year.  This year the reception was hosted by CIE and the Dean’s office of UMass Boston with additional support from the departments of Student Development, EPRA, and TECS from the College of Education at Amherst.


Under its new Director, Ian Barron, CIE is broadening its collaboration with other parts of the College of Education and other parts of the UMass system.  As part of that new emphasis, CIE continues to work with Joe Berger, now the Dean of the College of Education and Human Resources at UMass Boston. Students and faculty members from UMass Boston who were at the conference attended the reception.


There were nearly fifty CIE graduates, current students and faculty members on the CIES program this year.  In addition, some of the CIE graduates who live in the San Francisco area joined us at the reception. To find the names of many of those on the program see the article on CIE @ CIES 2019.


Graduates were able to connect with faculty members and colleagues they hadn’t seen in a long time, while current students used the opportunity to meet some of the graduates.  CIE graduates coming from a long distance included Lauren Clarke from Jakarta, Kefah Barham from Palestine, Hassan Aslami from Kabul, Ashley Clayton Hertz from Bangkok, and Martina Ochiel Amoth from Kenya.


CIE looks forward to the next gathering in April 2020 at the CIES meeting in Miami.


Pictures from San Francisco Gathering

Photo credits: Hassan Aslami, Javid Mussawy, dre