CIE @ CIES 2024 in Miami

CIES held its 68th annual Conference in March this year. The theme of the conference “The Power of Protest” was described in part as:


The power of protest in education lies in the fact that it is, by definition, a public act. Protest allows people facing injustice to generate power through collective action. For many, this kind of protest carries the hope and promise that “Another world is possible.” It is a declaration that all is not well in the world, and that the status quo must be challenged and changed.



Again this year, the conference had a split format: the first two days were only online, and then after a two-day break, there were five days of in-person conference.


CIE at CIES 2024 – From the Program

The CIE network was well represented with faculty, graduates and current students on the program and others in attendance.


A number of current CIE/IE students were on the program. Some of their presentations are listed below.


  • Current Threats and Implications for the Future of Higher Education in Afghanistan. Hassan Aslami, Mujtaba Hedayet (right)
  • The Remarkable Resilience of Private Universities in Afghanistan: Sustaining Higher Education amidst Socio-economic and Political Storms. Nangyalai Attal, Javid Mussawy
  • Translocal Assemblage: Student Activism and Social Movement Learning in Pakistan.  Mariam Sheikh
  • Exploring the Definition of Disability: A Comparative Analysis of Global Legal Frameworks. Lamiaa Eid  (right)
  • Invoking insurgent decolonial praxis in CIE through a theoretical dialogue with Ndlovu-Gatsheni. Martina Achieng Amoth



CIE/IE graduates representing a variety of organizations were on the program. Some of their presentations included:


  • Systems Thinking in Higher Education Development: A Model for Complexity and a Case Study of Purdue and Anbar University Partnership. Mohammad Javad Ahmadi, Purdue University (right)
  • (Re)thinking material and epistemic futures: Caribbean reparations, development, and education. Nigel Brissett, Clark University
  • Flexible Ability Grouping to Improve Instruction in Large Classes: A Case Study from Tanzania. Mark Lynd, School to School International
  • Photography as Protest: Hidden Layers. Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Florida State University
  • Understanding the degree and drivers of multilingual education policy appropriation at the school and community level. Mbarou Gassama-Mbaye, ARED (right)
  • Insider Rebellions within Low-Cost Private Schools: Racialization, Empire, and International Education. Mariam Rashid, Vassar College
  • Challenging the status quo of schooling post-pregnancy: Participatory visual methodologies as a form of resistance against violence towards girls’ education. Pempho Chinkondenji, Univ. of North Dakota (right)
  • Bridging Policy and Practice – The Link between Intention and Empowerment. Rebecca Stone, Creative Associates International
  • African Women Community Leadership: Utilizing African Indigenous Leadership Frameworks as Protest. Vongaishe Changamire, World Vision Canada



CIE is looking forward to having a strong representation again at the next annual CIES conference in 2025.