CIE @ CIES 2023 in Washington D.C.

The 67th annual CIES Conference was held in Washington, D.C. in February this year.  The theme of the conference “Improving Education for a More Equitable World” was described in part as:


Educational improvement is not merely a technical term, evidenced by the emerging, fast-growing, and interdisciplinary field of educational improvement studies. It constitutes a powerful approach and a dynamic process to advance education, through which reality and uncertainty are examined and problems are tackled.



This year theconference was organized in an unusual split format: the first two days were completely online, then a there was a two-day break, followed by five days of in-person conference.


CIE at CIES 2023 – From the Program

As usual the CIE network was well represented with faculty, graduates and current students on the program and with others in attendance.


A number of current students were listed on the program. Some of their presentations are listed below:


  • One Year after the U.S Withdrawal: A Situation Analysis of Girls’ Post- Secondary Education in Afghanistan. Nangyalai Attal
  •  ‘To go abroad is to return better’: transnational identities of Tibetan international returnees. Shamo Thar (right)
  • Nuances of Internationalizing Quality Assurance and Accreditation: A Critical Analysis of the Policy implementation in Afghanistan. Sayed Ahmad Javid Mussawy
  • “You protect a harasser because he is your comrade!” Contested activist spaces and gendered experiences of female student activists in Pakistan. (discussant) Mariam Sheikh (right)
  • Religion as a “Way of Life”: Examining International Muslim Students Worldview and Campus Experiences in the U.S. Sadaf Latafat


CIE/IE graduates representing a variety of organizations were on the program. Some of their presentations are listed below:


  • Assessment of consistency between policy and practice of inclusive education policy. Nigel Brissett (right) Clark University.
  • Reshaping universities to create a student-centered higher education system in South Africa David Bell Clark University, Beverly Bell UMass Amherst.
  • Ability grouping to improve teaching and learning in large classes in Tanzania: An empirical study. Mark Lynd School to School International.
  • Customizing standards-based teaching and learning materials for EFL in Grades 1-11 in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi (right) Florida State University.
  • Understanding the impact of youth education training programs for at-risk youths: Case studies from Latin America and Africa. Vongaishe Changamire
  • Early Grade Reading reforms in Nigeria: Streamlining efforts to achieving equitable learning outcomes. (discussant) Rebecca Paulson Stone Creative Associates International.
  • How behavioral science transforms caregiver and community engagement in children’s literacy. (discussant) Joanie Cohen (right)  USAID.
  • Building a Shared Vision for SEL Measurement into the Future. Karla Sarr SIT Graduate Institute.
  • Social and Emotional Learning components to advance the wellbeing of girls in South Sudan. Wendy Wheaton USAID.




Others attending the conference included Mekhribon Abdullaeva, Mei Lan Frame, Mujtaba Hedayet, and Beverly Lindsay.




CIE looks forward to having a strong presence at the  CIES 2024 Conference in Miami.