CIE @ CIES 2018 in Mexico City

CIE was represented by more than 35 current students, graduates, and faculty members at the national CIES conference in Mexico City in March.  In addition there were faculty members and students from the Higher Education and other programs in the UMass Amherst College of Education at the conference, reflecting the strong involvement in international education of the College of Education.


CIE hosted a reception in the hotel for CIE members and friends. Graduates reconnected with faculty and current students.  They snacked on tacos with delicious sauces befitting the location in Mexico.


Faculty presentations again include several panels hosted by the editors of the Comparative Education Review, where Bjorn Nordtveit presided.  In addition there were presentations by other faculty members on other panels including Shane Hammond (right), Joe Berger, and Sangeeta Kamat. Ash Hartwell chaired two panels for the Education, Conflict and Emergency SIG; one on building an evidence base for accelerated learning and another on developing institutional capacity in ECC contexts.  Gwen Heaner, a Research Fellow on the ECCN project at CIE also presented.


Lukas Winfield, Mukkarin Wirojchoochut, Kayla Boisvert and Lina Heaster-Ekholm  (left, in order) organized a panel on How Representation by means of Word and Image Otherize and Oppress or sometimes Liberate. The panel featured two papers on youth in Thailand, representations of refugees in graphic novels in Germany, and analysis of words used to describe the MS-13 gang in the media.


Larissa Chekmareva, Shamo Thar, Kayla Boisvert, and Nyaradzai Changamire organized a panel discussion on Community of Practice for Doctoral Students in the Field of Comparative and International Education through the CIES


Some of the many other presentations by current students included:

  • Challenges in donor-recipient partnership: Textbook provision case study in Afghanistan by Zia Rahman Andar (right)
  • Peace, Sustainable Development, and Global Citizenship: Review of education policy and national curriculum in Kazakhstan by Larissa Chekmareva
  • How Bangladeshi immigrant parents in the USA navigate cultural differences in their children’s education by Sumera Ashan & Mahboob Morshed.
  • Conceptualizations of space, state, and educational aid for refugees in Greece by Jennifer Flemming
  • Higher education cooperation between China and Africa by Yi Sun
  • College access and equity for Tibetan students in the era of China’s mass higher education by Shamo Thar
  • Rite of passage: Child laborers, education, and identity in Egypt by Koboul Mansour
  • Constructing teacher professionalism in post-socialist Georgia by Natia Mzhavanadze


CIE graduates on the program included: Mika Abdullaeva, Vongai Changamire, Ashley Clayton-Hertz, Mindy Eichhorn, Paul Frisoli, Mbarou Gassama-Mbaye, Salma Khan, Beverly Lindsay, Mark Lynd, Renuka Pillay, Flavia Ramos, Karla Sarr, and Rebecca Stone. 


At the annual CIES awards ceremony Beverly Lindsay (Ed.D. 1976) was recognized as one of two CIES Honorary Fellows for 2018.  The Honorary Fellows award was established in 1982 to honor senior members of the society who, through a period of life-long service and contribution to the field of comparative and international education, have advanced the field qualitatively and significantly. There have been 31 Honorary Fellows since the inauguration of the award, two of whom are from CIE (the other one is dre).


CIE continues to be a strong presence at national CIES conferences as students and faculty combine theory with real-world practice in development.  Recent emphasis has focused on education in Crisis and Conflict settings with refugees, rebuilding education systems, revitalizing higher education, and ways to promote literacy for children both in and out of school.  CIE looks forward to a strong presence at the next conference in San Francisco in 2019.