CIE @ CIES 2017 in Atlanta

CIE brought a strong contingent of more than 45 faculty members, graduates and current students to the national CIES conference in Atlanta, Georgia in March. A number of CIE graduates were on the program but could not attend due in part to concerns about the new restrictions on visas by the US government. As a result, one graduate, Salma Khan, made her presentation at the conference via Skype from Pakistan.  


In addition, there were faculty members and students from the Higher Education concentration at the UMass Amherst College of Education. In total, there were well over 50 attendees from UMass, providing evidence of the strong involvement in international education at the College of Education.


CIE hosted a reception at a nearby restaurant for all the CIE members and friends of CIE. Current students made contact with graduates from throughout the history of CIE and a good time was had by all despite the heavy rain outside.


CIE faculty presentations included several panels presented by the editors of the Comparative Education Review, where faculty members Bjorn Nordtveit, Jacqueline Mosselson and Cristine Smith discussed issues relating to the journal. In addition, there were presentations on other panels by other faculty members, including Sangeeta Kamat, Joe Berger, Ash Hartwell and Shane Hammond. Faculty member Cristine Smith also hosted a table providing information about CIE’s new online graduate certificate in Early Grade Reading in Developing Countries.


Current students participated in many different ways. Instead of a panel presentation, Kayla Boisvert, Sahara Pradhan and Nolizwe Mhlaba organized a role-play simulation with audience members to illustrate problems arising from community participation in education programming (pic right - shown with faculty member Cristine Smith)




Michael Acosta and Hafez Abuadwan (pic left) offered a poster based on their field research on Jordanian Public School Teachers' Experiences Teaching Peace Education to Syrian Refugees.




Some of the many presentations by current students included:


  • Heritage-based literacy lessons: Implementing a mother tongue program for Darfur refugee children and adults in eastern Chad by Eunice Kua
  • Can (should) we teach youth to be entrepreneurs? by Nolizwe Mhlaba and Adane Miheretu (pic right)
  • Learning to Use Evidence for Adaptive Management in Crisis and Conflict Settings by Jenn Fleming and Ash Hartwell
  • Multiple Dimensions of Quality Assurance for Higher Education in South and Central Asia – by Javid Mussawy and Larissa Chekmareva
  • Theorizing career choices: Tibetan college students’ educational outcomes and employment prospects by Shamo Thar
  • Problematizing INGO Involvement in Guatemala’s National Reading Program by Jacob Carter
  • The National College Entrance Exam in China: A historical and institutional analysis by Mei Lan Frame


CIE graduates on the program included: Hye Seung Cho, Mindy Eichhorn, Paul Frisoli, Ricardo Gomez, Salma Khan, Beverly Lindsay, James MacNeil, Vachel Miller, Flavia Ramos, Karla Sarr, and Rebecca Stone.


CIE’s presence at the national CIES conference has grown steadily over the years, as students and faculty combine theory and practice through analysis of on-the-ground experience and innovative approaches to education, particularly in crisis and conflict settings. CIE hopes to have a strong presence at the next CIES conference in Mexico City in 2018.