CIE 2020 Vision - Celebrating 52 years

Message from Ian Barron, CIE Director - March 31,2020


Dear All,


I write with a heavy heart, given the circumstances our world finds itself in, to let you know we have decided to postpone our CIE 2020 Vision anniversary conference until summer of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a serious virus and it is important that we are confident that we are all safe to travel and can come together to celebrate the impact CIE has made and continues to make in our world.


CIE is already involved in the education of mental health professionals re COVID-19. In partnership with the Trauma Response Network, we are offering training in delivering on-line services for children and families who are coping with those infected as well as those who have experienced loss. In addition, we are highlighting the unseen victims of a dramatic increase in domestic violence and abuse as well as providing guidance in how to provide support in these difficult circumstances.


Anniversary Conference. We are exploring ways to engage as a community between now and the summer of 2021 and welcome your ideas and suggestions. Should we plan a series of virtual dialogues around the great challenges of our time followed by open discussion?  Perhaps a group of alumni work as a team each responding separately to the same 2 or 3 questions; i.e. “What do you think has been your greatest contribution to the field of development education?” or maybe “What did you try that didn’t work and why?” Maybe the “team” is composed of a CIE grads who worked in USAID, or those that have founded or worked in non-profits, or those that have gone into higher education, domestically or internationally.


Given the current pandemic, do we offer a platform to look at COVID-19’s impact on international development?  Maybe we set up a message board where alumni can post questions and people can respond?  We want to hear from you!  


Check the CIE web site at,, and see what members from your cohort and others are doing.  If you don’t have a profile, your profile is out of date or you wish to edit what is there, please send a new or revised version to   Community is especially important at this time in our history so help us to build the CIE Community!


Keep safe and be well and we look forward to meeting up either virtually or face to face when the time is right. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by email or skype.




CIE Director


Skype Name: igbarron


To celebrate its first half century (and a bit), CIE is planning a Conference during the weekend of June 12-14, 2020 on the UMass Amherst Campus.


We are inviting all those who were students at CIE or associated with any of our projects to gather for several days of reflection, sharing, learning, and envisioning.  The CIE community consists of almost 800 students, faculty, and campus/project staff, from across the years. CIE students have gone on to remarkable careers in international development, leadership positions in their home countries, and faculty positions around the world.


Conference ThemeCIE 2020 Vision


Any vision is inevitably anchored in and rests on the past as a foundation for the future.  CIE is now in a transition period as it faces significant changes at the UMass College of Education, the shifting roles of higher education, and the challenges faced by education and CIE in addressing the needs of the millions of children in crisis and conflict settings. CIE needs to reflect on its past and chart a new course in order to remain responsive and viable. 


The conference will offer presentations and panel discussions of research, field experience, policy issues, and the emerging environment for development education in the world.  It will also provide an opportunity for CIE graduates to reflect upon and share the insights from their careers and their thoughts about how best to face the rapidly growing challenges of the future.


Conference Web Site  [NOTE: the site is not active at this point.]


A new web site devoted to the conference is under construction which will provide current and regularly updated information about the conference:


  • More information on focus and content
  • Logistics – where, when, what
  • A registration form with an option to print and mail
  • A repository for photos from your time at the Center
  • A place where folks can see who is coming


Bookmark the
CIE 2020 Vision Site
and check it regularly for new details on the conference.
CIE will also send periodic updates on plans via email.


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