Abrams, Bing and Urch CIE Support Fund

In 2021, Manjula Salomon (Ed.D. 1981) and her husband Stuart established an endowment fund called the Abrams, Bing and Urch CIE Support Fund to be used to support education-related travel or professional development activities of students affiliated with CIE.  The income from the endowment will be used to support student attendance at conferences, workshops or seminars.


Manjula, with the support of her husband Stuart, was motivated by her experiences during her doctoral program at CIE.  The fund honors the mentoring and learning she received from faculty members Linda Abrams and George Urch and fellow student John Bing.  She reflects in her own words how each contributed to the richness of her experience.


From Linda Abrams - In her orbit, I learned a wider empathy. I didn’t have it when I entered CIE. It was at CIE that I acquired it.


From fellow student John Bing - Over the four years I was at CIE, John Bing taught me a comparative cultural approach, in inches, really.


From George Urch - Slowly he began to teach me about American school culture. The wide gentleness he showed me in each class, was not anything I had seen before.


Prior to the establishment of the endowment, Manjula and Stuart contributed funds which provided support for student travel to present at professional conferences: Larissa Chekmareva to CIES annual conference in 2018 and Javid Mussawy to CIES annual conference in 2019.  They have also provided support for student professional travel for the 2021-22 academic year. [11-21]