Natalia Kovalyova

Natasha (Natalia) Kovalyova is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of North Texas at Dallas. Her areas of expertise include communication studies, rhetoric and language and political communication.  


Her research interests at UNT Dallas, which she joined in 2010, focus on “the intersections of discourse, power and persuasion in a variety of contexts, from presidential communication to media reporting to interpersonal communication. Her recent research focuses on the emergent public forums and the rise of authoritarian voice in post-communist societies.” [3-17]


She wrote to CIE about completing her doctoral studies in 2009:


I started the doctoral program in the Department of Communication Studies at University of Texas, Austin in 2004 and for the most part, worked as a research assistant at the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Participation on a number of civic education projects.


It felt funny at first: a Russian developing curriculum and doing workshops on civic engagement with American social studies teachers, but I grew to like the company and the challenge.


The classes at UT did not take long to finish. I was done with the course-load in two years, but the dissertating turned out to be a longer and more tedious process than I expected. Now it is complete—“Rhetorical Markers of Democratization: A Case of Russia—and approved and filed away! [12-09]


Natasha pursued her Master’s degree at CIE under the Muskie Fellowship program.






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