Nanette Brey Magnani

After finishing at CIE I soon went to work as World Education's Director of Training Services for five years in the early nineties with David Kahler (Downloads a pdf file) and John Comings. I then took a break and did some consulting work in nonprofit board development. 


In 1997 I was recruited to work with the NYS Dept. of Health AIDS Institute as a Quality Improvement and Management consultant working with federally-funded Ryan White clinics located in hospitals and community health centers across the United Stated.  My most intensive work was in Chicago, Eastern Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and NY State.  I provided technical assistance, coaching and training to Ryan White program staff to improve their systems of care given to HIV+ patients. This work expanded to forming regional groups of providers to engage in peer exchange to share best practices and to sustain their learning to continually improve patient care. 


All good things come to a close.  So after 23 years with the AIDS Institute, I transitioned to retirement at the end of 2020. 


Now, I am doing a bit of coaching with the Ryan White Program of Baton Rouge, some photography, organizing lifelong collection of photos of friends and family, visiting dear CIE friends at The Villages - Jan Droegkamp and Linda and Bob Abrams, and learning to play golf to my husband's (David Magnani) delight. We have two sons, Michael (36) and Matthew (34). [3-21]




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