Naeem Khawaja

After graduating from CIE, I joined The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Education.  The Institute was established in 2009 and offers four-year pre-service teacher preparation programs (B.Ed. Hons.) for prospective elementary and secondary school teachers. The Institute is located in a building constructed in 2016 with funds from USAID. The Institute also offers M.Phil. in Education.   Recently I became the Coordinator (Head) of the Institute of Education. Along with a colleague with a Ph.D. from the states, I am working to develop a positive work culture and environment at the institute.


In the last three years, I have established a state-level database of secondary school results during the last two decades. In Azad Kashmir, education as a discipline in universities is a recent development – most of the education departments in Azad Kashmir universities were established after 2009). As a result, very little has been ever documented in the research literature about Azad Kashmir. I am also working with the Elementary and Secondary Education Department of the state on different projects – lots to keep me busy.


I have met with Salma Khan several times in Islamabad where she works. I have also been in touch with Majid Khan a couple of times over the telephone.  [2-20]




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