For me, the essence of human life is the sense of contribution and the firm resolve to contribute to alleviate the pains of humans. Helping people to realize and utilize their potential is the core of life and I have a conviction that the most economical and sustainable way to help people realize and utilize their potential is to provide them with quality education. So, education is the channel I have chosen as a means of contribution to humanity and I have been living for it and will continue to live for it.


I grew up in one of the remotest areas of Pakistan. I have been the beneficiary as well as the victim of an education system where corporal punishment was believed to be an effective teaching strategy. And when I recall that school period of my life, I feel that many of my very talented and gifted fellows would not have dropped out of the school if those severe corporal punishments were not there. Those dropouts really motivated me to join the education sector and after completing my undergraduate studies, I joined the education sector as a teacher and then I have been serving in different positions both in private and public sector. And this experience has helped me to develop a philosophical standpoint about what the governments’ role should be in the education systems.


Can we develop and move towards an education system which on one side doesn’t violate the very noble concepts of social equity and justice and on other side is continuously improving itself as per changing needs of the society? How can we learn from the changes taking place in developed countries’ public education like public-private partnerships, charter schools and vouchers so that at least the basic education is not being treated either like a business product to make more money or like an unnoticed and dull activity just to keep the children busy inside the school boundaries on tax payers’ money.


Now being at CIE, I feel that I have reached a place where there are innumerable academic and human resources from all over the world, a true multi-cultural environment and a learning community with very diverse educational backgrounds and skills. All this makes CIE a wonderful place to learn. Also, Amherst being a very beautiful and scenic area is promising to make this learning experience more charming and thrilling and being in such a peaceful place is already making this academic venture more enjoyable than I ever expected.


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