Mshauri Khamis

After getting my Master’s degree, I returned to Tanzania and was posted to the Department of Secondary Education as a head of the Secondary Education Division in Zanzibar. Four months later, I moved to Dar es Salaam, after being selected to work with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), in the Secretariat. Once again I left my family and worked on the mainland for 14 months.


The task was critical and very challenging, though we succeeded in producing a second draft of the new Constitution of Tanzania. On 30 December 2014, the draft was submitted to the President, the Honorable Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete.


After that assignment, I was released to go back to Zanzibar to work with the Ministry of Education, in the Department of Policy and Planning. In March of 2014 I was appointed to the position of Head of the Sectoral Planning and Development Division.  In that role I am responsible for budgeting, planning as well as producing (preparing and compiling) Sector Implementation reports.  [4/18]


In 2023, Mshauri wrote: I was dreaming that one day I will lead Ministry of Education, but I've been appointed to be Director for Human Resource Planning, Training and Development in the (PO) Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance. [5-23]


Earlier, Mshauri wrote to CIE about her initial job in 2012: 


I was recently appointed as Head of Division for Secondary Education. I am so happy [with it] and it was easy for me to switch from the Department of Policy, Planning and Research to the Department of Secondary Education, because of the different courses that I opted for when I was at CIE for my Master’s program. 


I believe that I have knowledge and development ideas that are directly needed by the schools and communities. In my new post, however, I face some challenges such as teacher absenteeism and lack of commitment from some teachers; school heads need better skills in leadership and quality assessment;  poor relationship between teachers and parents and in some schools, and between some teachers with of their own students. In some village communities, education is not a priority, especially in the East Coast tourist industry zone. 


We need resources and commitment to improve our education quality, though a serious problem is a shortage of science (physics and chemistry in particular) and mathematics teachers. The good thing is we have strong support from the Education Policy Sector Development Plan, and the government increased teachers' salaries very recently. Also our working environment is good.


I will try as much as I can to apply relevant knowledge and practice from programs in different countries to improve the teaching and learning process in Zanzibar. [7/12]





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