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Mose Tjitendero passed away in April 2006

His obituary can be found here


It is with great regret that CIE announces the passing of one of our most distinguished graduates, the Hon. Dr. Mose P. Tjitendero. Mose, who was a former Member of Parliament of Namibia, died in the hospital in his homeland on the morning of April 26, after a long illness.


Among his many accomplishments, Mose served as the first Speaker of Namibia's National Assembly between 1990 and 2004. As Speaker, he built and reformed the parliamentary system, committee by committee, to make it a transparent and effective forum for legislation and debate on national and regional issues. He was an elected member of parliament since the pre-independence elections for Namibia's independence in 1990.


Earlier he was a member of the South West African Peoples' Organization (Swapo) Central Committee since 1981. He formed part of the ' Tanganyika club' of activists in the 1960s, who worked to propel Swapo into an international movement. Mose also served as Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Inter Parliamentary Union of which Namibia is a member.


In the political arena in his native Namibia Mose was described in the 2004 'Guide to Namibian Politics' as "widely respected as an impartial chairperson of parliamentary proceedings and an advocate of popular participation in Namibia's democracy." Mose was also a well-respected scholar and orator who inspired many while working tirelessly for the freedom independence and advancement of his country.


Dr Tjitendero was also well-known throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and played a key role in community building. He was the vision, inspiration and driving force behind the establishment of the SADC Parliamentary Forum, a battle he fought over several years, persisting until he won the support of all SADC parliaments, for an initiative so new and yet so obvious that it is now taken for granted as an established organization in the region.


The Center uses this opportunity to recognize the perseverance and accomplishments of Mose (See complete obituary in AllAfrica). Though he has passed, as a community we take inspiration from the fact that Mose represented the true CIE spirit.[5-06]


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