Morongoe Ntloedibe

After leaving CIE, I worked at the WK Kellogg Foundation as a Visiting Professional for one year before returning to Botswana.  I then joined the University of Botswana as a part-time Lecturer while looking for something more interesting. (1994 -1997).  I later landed a position with a PACT project as OD Advisor and later on as Co-Director. (1995 – 1998)


I went into consultancy work for a few years after leaving PACT (August 1998-2005).   During this period, I did a lot of work for the British Council’s Interaction Leadership Program, facilitating a leadership development program for emerging leaders in Africa and UK.  I also served on several governing Boards.


In mid-2005 I joined the Hospitality and Tourism Association as CEO until June 2011, when I retired to seek work as an independent consultant.  I am still doing occasional consultant work in organizational development interventions focused on training and teambuilding in Human Resource development. I continue to look for new opportunities.


I have been blessed with three daughters and three grandchildren. (6-20)




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