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In fall 2023 Tariq sent an update:


I resigned as Senior Counselor in the New Zealand Government and returned to campus once again - this time in Toronto, Canada. With a postdoctoral scholarship at York University, I do research and teach at the same university. This opportunity has not only enabled me to advance my expertise but has also provided a platform for reflection and scientific development. Returning to the scientific environment to update my knowledge and contribute to critical thinking is a great opportunity.


I hope that in the near future, the gates of schools and universities will truly be opened for girls and boys in Afghanistan and that everyone will benefit from this fundamental right. Only the enemies of a country can close the gates of knowledge to its citizens.[1-24]


In 2021 Tariq wrote: My wife, daughter and I live in New Zealand. We are NZ citizens and I work at the Ministry for Children as a Senior Advisor in Wellington. [10-21]


Tariq Habibyar completed his PhD in Education at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2016. His research there focused on Hegemonic Forces Influencing Education in Afghanistan and Methods of Resistance of Afghan Educational Activists.


He wrote to CIE in February 2016:


Looking back, this wonderful journey could not have been possible without the valuable experience and knowledge that I gained from CIE… Despite all complexities, I continue to have high hopes for Afghanistan and I am optimistic for a better future.


During his PhD studies, Tariq received a University of Canterbury Innovators’ Scholarship, with which he created a non-profit trust called Aida Children's Fund to support children’s education in Afghanistan. He also gave a TEDx Talk in Christchurch in 2014.


After completing his Master’s at CIE, Tariq returned to Afghanistan, where he became an assistant professor at Herat University, teaching qualitative research and English courses.


He wrote to CIE in 2011:


As a lecturer at Herat University, I strongly believe that an effective way to overcome barriers to effective learning and teaching is to listen to the students and be aware of their needs and desires. I believe it is a students’ right to express thoughts, ideas and aspirations without fear… I try to create such an atmosphere of open dialogue and encourage and support students to realize their aspirations for a brighter future.


At the same time, Tariq also worked at Silk Road Solutions, an American-Afghan leadership development and consulting company. He was a Senior Business Development Advisor, providing consultation services to Afghan small and medium enterprises and linking Afghan businesses to international buyers. In addition, he served as a trainer-of-trainers (ToT) with Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), through a project sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan. [2/17]



Email: tariq.habibyar@gmail.com


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