Greetings! I am Mohammad Mahboob Morshed, born and brought up in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. I represent an urban middle-income large family having very strong bonds and collective feelings among its members.

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Social Science Education and my Masters in Educational Psychology at the University of Dhaka which, besides its academic endeavors, has been the heart of country’s cultural and political awareness since its establishment. This is the place where I started to know my nation as I came to interact with the people coming from different parts of the country with different ethnic backgrounds. Later on I did another Master’s in Educational Psychology at the Institute of Education, University of London, where I met people from different nations and widened my views. I am sure CIE, UMASS will provide me with similar experiences.


At present, I am on study leave from Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University where I taught educational leadership courses to mid-career government and NGO officials for last four years. My experience in BRAC University has been excellent since it closely works with BRAC, one of the largest NGOs in the world, familiar for its poverty reduction and education programs. This university-NGO partnership allowed me to bring together theory, practice and context and provided me with exposure to the lives of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and helped me critically understand what works and what does not in a particular context and why. It enhanced my respectful understanding of different views, life choices and philosophies. Besides my work in BRAC University I also taught Educational Psychology both at undergraduate and master’s level at University of Dhaka as a part-time lecturer for last two years. As part of my professional development as an academician I have published several books and articles.


In last four years I undertook consulting in program evaluation for a variety of educational activities.  Recent project evaluation works include: AusAid’s consultant for reviewing Australia’s contribution in primary education of Bangladesh through UNICEF; DFID consultant for evaluating Underprivileged Children Education Program’s basic and vocational education program; and UNICEF’s consultant for reviewing Basic Education for Hard to Reach Urban Working Children. My creative academic works include: membership on the National Curriculum and Textbook Board for developing junior-secondary curriculum of the country; as a consultant for developing a supplementary textbook on injury prevention for primary level children; a consultant for Save the Children, USA’s to develop a teacher’s manual on teaching-learning method and assessment; and consulting for Save the Children International’s to develop a literacy boost manual for children.


I dream of a just and more human education system where children can learn in a respectful, more interactive, psychologically sound environment and have the opportunity to become what they want to become. Therefore, I look forward to bring together my knowledge on educational psychology and educational policy and leadership to promote policies that encourage child-friendly learning and socio-emotional wellbeing. I believe that at CIE together we can engage in open and flexible value-laden, reflective and informed dialogues which will help me fulfill my dreams and where I will be a part of helping others in fulfilling their dreams as well. Thank you very much!



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