Iqbal Halimi

I have had several notable accomplishments in my life. Probably the most notable was that I completed my master’s degree in international education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The master’s degree program equipped me with the significant knowledge, skills, and tools that I needed for my work in managing development and humanitarian projects. I would like to thank the Center for International Education (CIE) at UMass Amherst for providing me with an assistantship and the opportunity to work at the University Support and Workforce Development Project (USWDP). I learned a great deal about higher education.


After the completion of my master’s degree, I returned to Afghanistan to work as a Senior Development Officer at the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan. I represented Canada in the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), a pooled funding mechanism for 30 donor agencies to fund the Afghan government’s operating budget and long-term investment projects. Additionally, I led Canada’s Humanitarian Assistance (HA) sector, which included four projects focused on emergency education and immediate humanitarian assistance for thousands of internally displaced people – children, women and men - who fled their villages due to drought and conflict. In 2018, I received, Canadian’s Deputy Ministers’ Award for best performance and leadership in improving gender equality in Education development projects.


In 2019, I left my job in Afghanistan and started my new journey in higher education in the Washington State Workforce Education Program at Green River College near Seattle. I am working as Workforce Education Coordinator helping low income students get funding and successfully complete their education in career and technical degree programs. My new job meshes well with my past work endeavors and my future goals. I want to see students from all parts of society overcome barriers and achieve their dreams. [4-19]


CIE is an excellent intellectual home. My professors had strong theoretical and practical knowledge of education issues, something that I think makes them an invaluable asset to UMass Amherst. My advice to all new students is to make time out of their busy schedule and have fun in Amherst. You will miss this city a lot once you leave.




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