Mohamed Ibrahim Elgadi

Since I last updated my CIE profile, there are a few things that I would like to share with you. As you may expect, based on my long work on human rights, most of these additions are in the same field. The highlight of my work was the success in bringing to court the head of security of the former regime of the longest African religious dictatorship. In January 2020 during the short-lived democracy of Sudan, the governmental authorities represented by the Attorney General‘s office, listened to my testimony on the 118 days of detention in a secret torture center run the government. 


I continue to be part of the western MA Chapter of Amnesty International and have toured many cities and university campuses to speak on human rights and to act as the voice of torture survivors. Of course, I used many of the tools I learned at CIE in my work including a chapter of a book, Witnessing Torture, published by Palgrave in which I combined the field of evaluation and the horror of methods of torture.  


I continue teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Westfield State University and Springfield College in the School of Social Work & Behavioral Sciences. What I learned during a course on Curriculum Development at CIE has been very helpful to me in designing the courses I teach.


My experience teaching at NYC, as part of the 2013 Prins Global Scholars fellowship for Scholars at Risk, proved to open many doors for collaboration between US and Sudanese universities. I currently work on a project to help students and faculty of Springfield College and University of Khartoum to assist each other.


In addition, I also continued to work as a Senior Counselor at Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) in Greenfield where I use many of the skills of Informal Education.


I was honored this year to make the list of celebrities of the Hagir Show, a PA media and TV show that highlights and celebrates black excellence during the month of February. This was another honor added to the “Echoes of Africa” Award of Excellence I received in 2005 from the City of Philadelphia for community organizing. [2-22]




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