Mohamed Dirir

My Family and I live in West Hartford, Connecticut where I have worked for over 28 years at the Performance Office of the Connecticut Department of Education as a senior psychometrician. My role has been to conduct or supervise all psychometric work for the Department, such as test construction, equating, scaling, and validation. I also coordinate test data management, auditing, and analyses. My team and I check yearly test results, and ensure the accuracy of scores for all students.


Besides my regular job in Connecticut, I have done other consulting work within the USA and overseas. The entities I have worked with include the following.


I consulted with the The Donath Group – a testing firm in Massachusetts – on the development of computer-based tests for job certification purposes.   I also worked with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dharan, Saudi Arabia, developing an admissions test for the University.


I was the Co-chair of the Validation and Psychometrics workgroup with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, which includes over 20 states and US territories. We were engaged in developing annual tests. The group’s charge was to monitor, advise, and approve the technical work of testing vendors who were developing the tests.


I also worked with several USAID-funded projects at EDC, where I developed assessments to evaluate a distance learning project in Ethiopia. I also conducted workshops on Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) for educators in Somaliland and Somalia. We assembled EGRA-based tests in mathematics and reading, and trained EDC employees to administer the exams. Afterwards, we analyzed and reported the results of EGRA assessments. [4-21]




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