With my BA in Gender Studies and my Masters in Philosophy, I thought I was adequately prepared to take on the world. My teaching experiences in Pakistan, Thailand and Mexico however, proved to me that I had to figure out a way to take the knowledge I had and put it into practice, working within the frameworks of various cultures, religions and languages.


Perhaps therefore I have been an educator in some form or another for almost a decade. The one thing that excites me most about life is constantly learning, whether that learning comes from teachers, students, or people you meet randomly.


I am fascinated with how language and culture can shape our lens, and how our lens can shape our view of the world. I am fascinated with how cultures can be used to excuse bad behavior, and in turn fascinated with how we can remain patriotic while also bringing to light the fallacies in our cultures and institutions, one of which is the education system, which remains problematic everywhere in the world.


I am excited to be a student in the Center for International Education because while travel is necessary, it is often restricted for certain nationalities, and CIE allows countries and cultures to be brought to a classroom, without having to travel. Moreover, I am delighted at the prospect of learning through people who are passionate about change and education and the changes within education. On a personal note, I returned to the Pioneer Valley in the hopes of updating my knowledge, meeting people who challenge and push me in a way that results in growth and self-improvement. And, I returned to the Valley because despite the 7 or so countries I have studied, worked and lived in, this is the closest to a home I have ever known.


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