Michael Marzolla

It is hard for me to believe that I have completed twenty-five years with the University of California and that I started my graduate studies at CIE back in 1978,  thirty years ago. I continue to lead the 4-H Youth Development program in Santa Barbara County and four years ago I assumed the leadership of our Counties Master Gardener program.  I have also participated in various international assignments in Bolivia and more recently in Serbia.  In 2006 I was able to visit to Cuba  to study their sustainable agriculture efforts. Currently, as the Co-Chair of the North American Association for Environmental Education's International Commission,  I am organizing a learning and exchange visit to Cuba with a focus on environmental education scheduled for November 29th through December 8th of this year-(I would love to have CIE faculty, alumni and students join our delegation!).  Cuba is a wondrous and stimulating country.   I have attached a more recent photo of yours truly  at the La Foridita Bar in Havana next to a stature of Pappa Hemingway... [1-08]


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