Michael Basile

Fully retired from Murray State University for a few years now, I’ve turned my attention to local community activities - all volunteer work in this western corner of Kentucky. Volunteering means being on our free clinic board, as well as membership on a new soup kitchen board, plus a few church activities, among them a diocesan curriculum development project focused on Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Climate Change and Inequality: On Care for Our Common Home. The target audience is adult education for parishes.


Jan and I spend time traveling to knock things off the bucket list. Her recovery from cancer treatments holds steady and we are now able to get around with more confidence. I’ve given up on international work altogether, including board activity for a newly-founded private university in Sulaymani, Kurdistan Region, which I’d been engaged in for a few years. We’re now thinking of relocating to somewhere in eastern Massachusetts to be closer to our daughter and her family, where I’ve been working summers on her husband’s Newton Community Farm. [1-17]


2020 Update:   Jan and I are in the process of moving away from Murray, the longest we've stayed anywhere in my whole life.  We are looking for a home in the New Orleans area, to be nearer my son and his young family.  We're literally in the process of packing up, though a house there is still unfound. [1-21]


 Email: mbasile@murraystate.edu 


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