Michael Acosta

As my Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology in Pristina, Kosovo comes to an end, here are some of my reflections.


During the period from September 2017-July 2018, I worked at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEST), in the Department of Higher Education (DHE) as an Education Specialist. I also engaged in a side project working with Roma Versitas Kosovo - an EU supported organization that promotes retention/graduation of Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian-Kosovar students in higher education through various activities.


My tasks at the DHE varied. In general, I did various administrative tasks - edited documents, developed administrative guidelines, conducted Ministry research, etc. I also worked with Kosovar Politicians to create guidelines for the Kosovar Accreditation Agency, contributed to the World Bank report for the DHE, and collaborated with federal agencies to develop work plans. I had to wear many 'hats' at the MEST.


In addition to my work at MEST, I worked with Roma Versitas. At Roma Versitas Kosovo, I conducted research, taught research methodologies, and bolstered their advocacy training programs. Working for MEST and Roma Versitas Kosovo enabled me to experience various aspects of life in the beautifully complex situation in Kosovo.

I recently presented at the Council of Europe ROMACTED Conference on “Promoting Good Governance and Roma Empowerment at the Local Level” in Pristina, Kosovo 2018 (right)


I am happy about my experiences here in Kosovo. With the strong support from the American Embassy in Pristina, this experience allowed me to understand the policy side of higher education and international development. I strongly encourage students to apply for a Fulbright as it has informed my future academic and career goals. [7-18]


Email: mi.acosta86@gmail.com


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