Mayuree T. Wadhawan

After graduating from CIE and returning to Thailand, Mayuree joined Department of Nonformal Educadtion. She was first appointed Director of the National Book Donation Center where she administrated and organized the book donation program and campaigns. A year later she moved to the Education Technology Center where she put together a five-year master plan to establish a new educational television Chanel 11 that is now fully operational.


She returned to the United States a couple of years later to join her husband, who is an engineering UMass graduate.  In the U.S. she volunteered to help an elementary school to set up a daily morning news broadcasting program which has now become a daily routine for the school. She spent eight years at elementary and middle schools teaching students how to produce TV news using cameras, mixers and video equipment operating techniques. In 2004 she was selected the volunteer of the week by the Detroit Free Press.


She also volunteered at the local High School’s girl soccer team for ten years, taking photographs and putting together their year books. She served on the Heath and Sex Education committee of the Troy School District, Michigan, for five years.


Mayuree currently serves as an honorary member of advisory group for the Midwest Buddhist Meditation Center (MBMC), and teaches Thai to the non-Thai speakers and English to the MBMC’s resident monks. She helps in the translation of official documents for the community. In addition, she is a Vice President of Thai American Association of Michigan.


Mayuree has two daughters, Archana is an Emergency Medicine Physician and Mallika is an Engineer. She resides in Troy, Michigan. [5-20]




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