Martha (Nyongani) SIneta

After completing my degree at CIE I returned to Malawi and continued with my work as a district education manager. My job involves overseeing all the educational activities at the district level, working under the Lilongwe City Council as the Director of Education, Youth and Sports in Lilongwe district. There are three district education managers (now called Chief Education Officer) under me plus the youth and sports officers. I coordinate the work of these five plus all those under them. In total I look after slightly over 550 primary schools in Lilongwe district. I also coordinate youth and sports activities in the district. [10-20]


Before coming to CIE I was a district education manager.  I developed educational plans for the district, preparing yearly budget estimates, appointed Head teachers for the primary schools that were in the district, coordinated educational activities with NGOs and cooperating partners (This was a very exciting duty and one that I enjoyed most). I wrote a lot of project proposals to cooperating partners and most of them got funded. For example in 2005/2006 financial years, I wrote 27 project proposals to various organizations and 23 were funded. This enabled me to carry out activities that were aimed at improving girls’ education and I was able to bring down the dropout rate in Lilongwe Rural East from 28% in 2005 to 17.7 % 2006. 




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