Martha Nyongani

I am happy to be back at CIE. It’s like coming home. I look forward to my doctoral program here. I am still interested in promoting equity in education especially at basic education level with a bias toward promoting inclusive education. Having managed both rural and urban education districts in Malawi, I feel there is a lot that has to be done in the education sector in Malawi if we are to achieve the millennium development goals by 2015. This is what made me come back because there are still a lot of skills and knowledge gaps especially in the area of policy, planning and leadership that I feel once filled will assist me in taking education efforts in Malawi to the next level.


As a district education manager, I developed educational plans for the district, preparing yearly budget estimates, appointed Head teachers for the primary schools that were in the district, coordinated educational activities with NGOs and cooperating partners (This was a very exciting duty and one that I enjoyed most). I wrote a lot of project proposals to cooperating partners and most of them got funded. For example in 2005/2006 financial years, I wrote 27 project proposals to various organizations and 23 got funded. This enabled me to carry out activities that were aimed at improving girls’ education and I was able to bring down the dropout rate in Lilongwe Rural East from 28% in 2005 to 17.7 % 2006. I also interpreted government policy to various stakeholders.




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