Mark Demoranville

Since graduating in 2002, my professional time has included a balance of teaching in higher education, non-profit management, educational program development, and volunteer service promoting environmental sustainability and a green and prosperous economy.


Teaching has included undergraduate and graduate courses in both the School of Education and the Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education at Rhode Island College, as well as undergraduate courses in the School of Communication at The University of Rhode Island, the English Department at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI), and in the Management Program at New England Institute of Technology. At CCRI, I've primarily taught on the Providence campus over the years, where the majority of my writing and developmental reading students have been recent immigrants from West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean who are speakers of English as their second language


My non-profit work has been as both the Director of Education and Training and later the Interim Executive Director of the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living, the first non-profit in Rhode Island devoted to advocacy and education for environmental sustainability, including green jobs training in energy efficiency and renewable energy.   I also oversaw the creation of a workforce education program, the Newport Skills Alliance, for low-income adults through the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Community College of Rhode Island.


From 2013-2015, I hosted Green Governance, a monthly radio show/podcast highlighting the work of municipal, state and federal government professionals in creating a just and sustainable world. From 2015-2018, I served as the President of the Renew Energy Initiative, a volunteer board run non-profit organization promoting clean renewable energy innovation and business development in southeastern New England through advocacy and education.  As of January 2020, I am now serving on the Sustainability Committee of the Town of South Kingstown, where my family moved shortly after I graduated from CIE, and where my wife Beatriz and I raised our amazing daughters.


Recent inspiration for my praxis has come from The Idea of Wilderness by Max Oelschlaeger, Nature and Madness by Paul Shepard, The Entropy Law and the Economic Process by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, The Tree of Knowledge by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, and The Great Transformation by Karl Polanyi.  Without the wisdom I encountered through my experiences at CIE, both from its faculty and my fellow students, I would not be on the journey that has led me to such mind-blowing, seminal works.


My efforts have been guided by a desire to create a better world for my daughters Julia, Lisa and Sara, all of whom have now graduated from college, and my oldest, Julia, who is married to my son-in-law Mike as of September 2019. [5-20]






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