Marisa Suhm

Since leaving CIE, I have had an eclectic and fulfilling professional life and worn many hats. CIE gave me the confidence and the tools to be creative, to contribute, and to thrive anywhere.


For six and a half years, Grant and I lived in Micronesia, where our son, Morgan, was born. I was faculty member in the College of Micronesia, Consultant for Peace Corps, and Education Director for the Utilities Company.  We also produced reports on the impact of climate change and see-level rise on micro islands, and created the country’s carbon blueprint for the UN Climate change protocol.


I have worked in academia, as a consultant, and in private practice in various countries. Just to give you a small flavor, I worked with the Peace Corps in Micronesia, Ecuador, and Sri Lanka. I was consultant and trainer with the Norman Borlaug Institute and with the School of Public Health at Texas A&M in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize.


I have developed projects and training workshops in public health, education, community development, refugee integration, indigenous leadership, project management, and women’s microloans in Greece, Micronesia, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico, and Belize.


I have worked as a professor of language and literature, culture and law in the States and abroad, and presented at conferences in Canada, the Czech Republic, Greece and the US. I ran a language school in Texas and an education program for Saudi Women.


I am currently working at Texas A&M University where I run certificate programs for various colleges and lecture on cultural competence for various disciplines. [7-21]




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