Mantina Mohasi

Mantina Mohasi returned to the Lesotho Institute of Extra mural Studies (IEMS) in 2000. IEMS is one of the teaching institutes of the National University of Lesotho whichoffers undergraduate and graduate (Masters) programmes on a part time/open learning basis. Dr. Mohasi is a senior lecturer academic staff member in the Adult Education Department of the Institute. She presently coordinates the B. Ed Adult Education Programmes. The Institute has also introduced Masters Programme in Adult Education in 2007/2008 academic year and Dr Mohasi is one of the key facilitators


She has occupied several administrative positions as head of the department from 2000-2003 October, and acting dean of the Institute from November 2003 to October 2004. She facilitates undergraduate courses such as Introduction to Distance Education, Practicum in Adult Education, Psychology in Business. At Masters degree in Adult Education she facilitates Social Psychology and Conflict Resolution. She further supervises adult learners’ research projects.


Dr Mohasi’s research work focuses on indigenous knowledge, Open and distance learning, gender issues and community development. She presented papers to different conferences that were organized in countries like Botswana, Uganda, San Francisco and Austria. One of her highlights of her career came when she was awarded the prestigious Cyril O’Houle Scholarship in Adult and Continuing Education. This was an honors programme for emerging scholars and leaders in this field. This progamme culminated in a scholarly publication: Global Issues and Adult Education  in which Dr Mohasi contributed an article on “ Mainstreaming Marginalized Populations through Adult Education Programs: The Herd boys in Lesotho.”


Apart from her academic work, Dr Mohasi is also a very keen community development practitioner. She has participated in non-formal education programmes for traditional healers in the area of HIV and AIDS. She also developed material for these traditional healers on mentoring processes and skills.[5-08]



Graduation Year: 
CIE Graduate