Manjula Solomon

In July, 2022 Manjula announced - I have finally retired.  It was heart wrenching leaving this school, which became so beloved, a Head of School whose family became my family. And seeing it turn into a global school- with Round Square, the GEBG and the IB. We left beautiful Miami, for our beautiful Lakehouse in Mass, visiting friends along the way- there are many friends whom we have seen since that trip.


In early 2023, she and her husband have been spending time at their home in India. She says: That was when we realized that home is many places. Stuart wants to spend a month in Bangalore, a month in Goa, a month in Kerala, a month in Chennai and leave winter behind-with occasional forays to the North and to Bali where we have many friends. [4-23]


Manjula Salomon is currently Associate Head of School for Academic Affairs and the first Global Scholar in Residence at Palmer Trinity School in Miami, Florida.


At Palmer Trinity, Manjula first focused on developing students’ curriculum when they travel as part of exchanges or immersion programs, as well as expanding service-learning trips. As part of a recent re-accreditation process, she was able to review the curriculum of every department and help teachers explore ways to incorporate a global perspective in their curricula.


Before moving to Florida, Manjula was Assistant Head of School and Director of Global Initiatives at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut.


She said at the time, “I was hired in 2008 to conceptualize and establish the Center for Global Understanding and Independent Thinking. I am largely responsible for opening the relationship with China. I have a budget that lets me bring in students from every country the US is ‘invested in’.”


Manjula also spent 23 years at the Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia, during which time she served as Chief Examiner of the International Baccalaureate for 10 years.


Writing to CIE in 2013, she commented, “I wrote my dissertation on the International Baccalaureate. Today I sit on the IBO’s Think Tank. I have published two textbooks on theory of knowledge and I am the TOK editor for the Oxford University Press IB series.” [12/16]




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