Mainus Sultan

My present day work focuses on creative writing.  In the past few years, I have published books on Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Nicaragua in Bangla, my native language. I used qualitative research methodology such as ethnographic observation and phenomenological interviews to collect information. These books were written in a travel story format for popular readership.



My book on Afghanistan is in it’s fourth edition.  I was honored this year when my Zimbabwe book received the “Best Book of the Year” award in Bangladesh.  I received the award for my book titled, in Bengali, ?Zimbabwe: Boba Pathor Salanini?  (Zimbabwe: Silent Rock, Salanini). Those who know Zimbabwe understand the impact of stone in the visual images of the country and, related, in the arts.  The title refers to a young woman, Salanini, and her tragic difficulties. This book illustrates experiences on a farm and in private homes interacting with people from diverse backgrounds in combination with analysis of the current socio-political situation. The book on Nicaragua, released this year, highlights my personal interactions within the backdrop of the Sandinista revolution.


I am currently writing a book on South Africa plus a series of travel stories for pre-teenagers.  We (along with my spouse, Hollyn Green), are currently living in Virginia and are scheduled to move to Sierra Leone in August.  Our daughter, Kajori, is a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.  [May 2014]



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