Magda (Abunama) Ahmed


Salaam CIE, I am back to Amherst after three years in Afghanistan. In the last three years, I worked with USAID as a Program Field Officer to cover education, health, and gender in two provinces in the East Region. In this capacity, I was working as a bridge to bring USAID vision and program policy as close as we could get to Province Reconstruction Team (PRT) and the local government of Afghanistan (GIROA), working in the design and implementation of USAID and PRT transition plans, by keeping government officials totally engaged and buying-in to the plan, and building the capacity of local government institutions (formal and non-formal) and facilitating their process to transition. In order to do that, a community of practice concept was developed to link all stakeholders vertically and horizontally.


As the team leader for the district of Behsood, I was the activity manager for the District Delivery Plan (DDP) which was thought to be the tool to enable the local government at the district level to navigate and negotiate their way to the provincial and central government. This involved daily follow-up with both District GIROA officials (formal and informal bodies), NGO community and USAID implementing partners to ensure the delivery of agreed-upon services in a timely manner; strengthening and building the capacity of Afghans and their government; using the District Stability Framework (DSF) to identify instability indicators in the district and analyze instability factors to design different activities that will help address these factors. The path to reaching a stable Afghanistan is a long way to go. [4/13]




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