Honoring CIE Members who have passed on


One of the inevitable consequences of CIE's long history is the increasing frequency with which members pass on. Several losses have sparked wide-spread reactions from the CIE network and we want to have a place where their lives can be honored and remembered through the eyes of those who knew them. Click on the names below for more where we have it.


We will be posting selected comments that we receive along with a short obituary statement when we can get that information. Other suggestions are welcome. Send comments, pictures, memories to CIE.


Note: There are others who have passed on earlier about whom we have little information. If you have information about earlier losses, please send it to us (cie@educ.umass.edu)  so we may share with the network.


Links to Obituaries and Comments

David Schimmel 2018

Mario Acevedo 2016

Arthur Gillette 2016

Jacqueline Gnagne 2016

David Kahler 2015
Nana Seshibe 2015

Kotsho Lloyd Dube 2014

Mercy Montsi 2013

James Hoxeng 2013

Elvyn Jones-Dube 2012

Siegfried Mkandawire 2011

Russ Dilts 2011

David Styles 2010

Eloy Anello 2009

Don Graybill 2008

James Mangan 2008

Kay Pfeiffer 2008

Mose Tjitendero 2006

Menzi Mthwecu 2005

Duong van Chu 2005

Mansour Fakih 2004

Elizabeth Psychas 2004

Leon Clark 2003

James Dawson 2003

Norman Hiza 1999