Leslie A. Saulsberry

Before coming to CIE, Leslie was a Peace Corps volunteer St. Lucia and then continued to work with Peace Corps as a Task Force Outreach Specialist, first in Chicago and then in Washington, D.C.


She earned a Masters of Public Administration at Rutgers University in an accelerated program which included a year of community service in Camden as a Project Manager.  Subsequently she completed an Advanced Masters of Education degree in International Education and Policy at Teachers College Columbia.


During her time at UMass as a graduate student and after graduating she worked in a variety of roles at UMass Amherst. She was the Director of the Malcolm X Cultural Center, was a lecturer in the University Without Walls program, in the Social Thought and Political Economy Program, and in the School of Public Health at UMass.


In 2015 she founded The Whole Institute and has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute ever since.  The institute describes its purpose as:


Whole InstituteAt The Whole Institute, we empower professional women, entrepreneurs, and leaders of small and large teams to build strong team dynamics and organizational cultures. Our unique program focuses on developing self-awareness, cultural awareness and social awareness, so that communication skills can be used in productive and meaningful ways. Participants can learn to identify where they need improvement and practice the necessary tools to achieve success. We believe in the power of knowledge, collaboration, and mutual understanding to help you reach your goals!


In October of 2023, Leslie organized and led the 1st Annual Whole Women, Whole Leaders, Whole Systems, Whole World Conference!  The two-day conference was held at Holyoke Community College. 


Leslie also is a keynote speaker, author, and executive coach to senior global, academic, government, political, and executive leaders. She was a keynote speaker in TEDx Women’s Collective and author in TEDx Women’s Collective Fearless.


She has trained global team leaders (that manage large budgets/projects/portfolios) in Leadership and Communication; Team-building; Accountability; Emotional Intelligence; Multiple Intelligence; Planning and Organizing. To date, Dr. Saulsberry has worked with supervisors, managers, teams, and leaders that span more than 30 countries.


She is the creator of Whole Women, Whole Leaders, Whole Systems, Whole World™, The Art of Whole Leadership™, Whole Leadership—Where Competency Meet Compassion™, Intuitive Joy™, and Whole Institutes Global Conference for Women™.


Since 2017 she has also been working as a Consultant with Emcompass LLC providing training and leadership development workshops for State Department and USAID staff. [12-23]


Email: leslie@leslieasaulsberry.com


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