Lauren Clarke

After graduating from CIE in 2011, Lauren worked at SIT for the International Honors Program (with CIE graduate Phil Mangis) where she worked to integrate the comparative (multi-country) programs of IHP with SIT study abroad, as well as design immersive programs with specific curricular content for U.S. universities. Subsequently Lauren was appointed Dean for International Students and Global Engagement at Amherst College.


Since 2017, she has been in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF), developing the first Indonesian liberal arts college. She is the Vice-Rector of the American college at Sampoerna University. The affiliated college provides scholarships for about 75% of its students from all over Indonesia, as well as (primarily Afghan) refugees who are currently camped in country.


In 2021, PSF was awarded a contract to manage the U.S. Embassy Cultural Center in Jakarta, where Lauren also serves as Senior Manager. She recently met with CIE alum Julia Novrita of the Habibie Center, and is eager to meet other CIE folk living in or visiting the region! [4-23]





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