Laura Gluck

After completing my master’s degree at CIE, I worked at WestEd's Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program as a researcher for 6 years. One big project I worked on was a federally-funded, longitudinal randomized controlled trial examining the impact of a math intervention in low-income preschool and kindergarten programs. I also worked on a number of edtech evaluation and research projects related to different educational areas including special education, early childhood education, English language learners, math, science, and computer coding.


I'm now working at Mystery Science, a K-5 science curriculum. The company's mission is to inspire kids to love science and to stay curious about the world around them. 


Before coming to CIE, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic where I worked in a small mountain community focusing on literacy training for teachers and creating programs for children with special needs. [9-20]




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