Lamiaa Eid

Lamiaa worked as a researcher at a research institute (MEIHE) at the American University in Cairo (AUC). There she was involved in institutional capacity-building projects at the global, regional, and national levels to reform schools and develop teachers/educators as empowered agents of change. As a researcher, she developed relationships with various NGOs, writing proposals that won several grants, one of which focused on the integration of Syrian refugees into the Egyptian education system. 


Lamiaa is an educationist with more than 15 years of experience in education, covering both teaching and learning as well as teacher training and professional development in various educational organizations at both K-12 and higher education institutions. She also worked as project coordinator for a USAID scholar project to support underserved and marginalized populations.


She has published several articles and academic reviews on education practices in Egypt. Lamiaa is an active participant in several professional societies, such as AERA and CIES, as a presenter and a reviewer. Lamiaa has received awards from AERA and CIES for her work as a reviewer. She also serves as an officer in the CIES SIG,Teacher Education and the Teaching Profession (TETP), to help foster dialogues about critical teaching and teacher education from both national and international perspectives. 


Lamiaa holds an MA degree in International Comparative Education, specializing in International Education Development and Policy from AUC, where she received university fellowships for academic merit.


My goal in the Ph.D. program is to become a research-driven education reformer to develop global policies addressing teacher education challenges. I plan to conduct interdisciplinary research that can directly affect policies and practices that challenge unjust and unequal procedures that result in inequitable and biased practices. A Ph.D. in Teacher Education and School Improvement will equip me with the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and research training necessary to become an agent of change to create educational systems and policies that can foster socially just, inclusive, and equitable educational environments.  


Ultimately, I hope to develop an innovative project that can reform education in Egypt and work with a global international organization focusing on developing teachers' identities and transforming schools as sites of change for social justice and anti-oppression.[8-22]


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