Kunduz Maksutova

After leaving CIE, Kunduz returned to her home in the Kyrgyz Republic where she chaired the English Department and taught in the School of International Relations at Osh State University.  She also participated in a project of the US Department of State offering workshops on credit-based higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic covering all the state universities in the country.  During that time, Kunduz and a US Peace Corps volunteer, Bethany Burns, were awarded a Peace Corps grant and created an American room with many cultural and language media resources at Osh State University.


In 2006, Kunduz wrote and won a small project grant funded by the US Department of State supporting an orphanage and a retirement home.  In 2007, she wrote and was awarded a teaching grant for gender studies in the Kyrgyz Republic and was also funded by the Soros Foundation to deliver a one-semester course on conflict resolution.  During this time, Kunduz participated in conferences and workshops in various places such as Central European University in Budapest Hungary, Romania, Georgia, and Novosibirsk University in Russia. 


In 2008 Kunduz went to Afghanistan where she taught English courses such as TOEFL Preparation, Reading & Writing for Academic Purposes, and Listening and Speaking in the Foundation Studies Program at the American University of Afghanistan, Kabul.


In 2011, Kunduz moved to Iraq where she taught English courses such as TOEFL Preparation in the Academic Preparation Program at the American University of Iraq – Sulaimani, in Iraqi Kurdistan.


In 2015, Kunduz returned to Kyrgyzstan where she occasionally offers English Language training and Pedagogy at various local universities and does part-time work for American Councils (ACCELS).  She also tutors individuals working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. [4-23]


Email: maksutova@yahoo.com


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