Somtrakool Kia

At the present, I'm still working so as to fulfill my life in many ways.  I am teaching in a Ph.D. program in ASEAN Cultural Science in two universities where I meet many young students from different nations.  I am also working part time as an advisor in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.  In that role I have the opportunity to travel to many ASEAN countries such as, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. I'm still utilizing all of my knowledge and experiences much which I have learned from the CIE.


When not working I devote attention to working my fruit orchard, with such fruits as such Lambutan, Mangoestine, Lanzones and Durian in my home town, close to Cambodian border. [11-12]


Kla writes after a long silence about what he has been up to these many years.


[I have been out of touch] because of my duty in working with the Thai government: as a head of the establishment of Lifelong Learning Centers through out the country, Director of National Science Center for Education, Deputy of Nonformal Education Department,Advisor for the Ministry of Education, Director General of Religious Affairs Department and the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture. And now, I have been already retired from the government work for 5 years. But am still working as an Advisor to the Ministry of Culture, a lecturer for PhD. students in Cultural Science of many state universities and others (also as a fruit gardener).


After I opened the CIE website, it seemed to me that I had forgotten a window of life which I had very deep concerned and very strongly influenced my life. My past experiences, I had a lot of benefits from what I learned from the CIE. And when I found my past friend's (comrade's) stories, I feel I have many long lost friends. I already copied all of their e-mail addresses and will try to contact them very soon.....So many thanks you for sending me the mail and I will try to keep the CIE window open all the time. [9-10]




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