Kimberly Parekh

Hi CIE family!


I came to CIE to better understand nonformal and complementary education for children, having previously worked in implementing such programs for various national and international NGOs in South Asia. Fortunately, I was able to do just that, as well as forge meaningful and lasting relationships with faculty and classmates! I began as an Ed.D. student and candidate from 2006-2009 and graduated with an Ed.S. in 2019.


Since my CIE days, I have been a full-time consultant on varied education policy and programming consultancies working with the World Bank, Global Partnership for Education, and UNICEF. Currently, I am working as the UNICEF Senior Education Advisor to the Gulf Area Office and developing the region’s education framework.


Despite my broader education portfolio over the years, my commitment to NFE has persisted, contributing to the technical design of large-scale nonformal education policies and programs at the basic education level for a number of countries in East Africa and the Middle East. In this regard, I am currently revising the Egyptian Community-Based Education policy for basic education age children on behalf of UNICEF, wrote the Syrian Nonformal Education policy for primary and secondary school age children on behalf of UNICEF, and expanded Tanzania Alternative Learning Program for secondary school age adolescents on behalf the World Bank.


Notwithstanding, these contributions have been greatly informed by the  academic focus at CIE. Thank you CIE for giving me a strong foundation in the education sector! [9-20]


In fall 2021, an article about Kimberly appeared in the UMass Alumni magazine.  The reporter asked Kimberly how her experience at UMass had led her to a career in international development with UNICEF. 


Kimberly said: “I spent most of my 20s in the field.  After that I wanted to think a little bit more deeply about everything that I had been doing.”  She described her experience at CIE as “a blend of theory and practice, which I love.”  She also appreciated how closely students and faculty worked together as well as the international diversity of the community at CIE. [12-21]




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