Kimberly Parekh

Hi CIE family!


I came to CIE to better understand the recognition and legitimacy of nonformal and complementary education for children, having previously worked in implementing such programs for various national and international NGOs in South Asia. Fortunately, I was able to do just that, as well as forge meaningful and lasting relationships with faculty and classmates! I began as an Ed.D. student and candidate from 2006-2009 and graduated with an Ed.S. in 2019.


Since my CIE days, I have been a full-time consultant working primarily with the World Bank, Global Partnership for Education, and UNICEF. I work in a number of different capacities including appraising education sector plans and supporting programs, providing technical assistance and capacity building for the implementation of those programs, and evaluating education programs.


My work spans low and lower middle-income countries, including fragile and conflict states. I focus on basic education, including secondary education; post-secondary education including TVET and higher education; along with nonformal education.


Before working independently as a consultant, I managed child labor programs at the US Department of Labor. My commitment to NFE has persisted, contributing to the technical design of large-scale basic education equivalency policies and programs in a number of countries in East Africa and the Middle East. [10-19]


Notwithstanding, these contributions have been greatly informed by academic focus at CIE. Thank you CIE for giving me a strong foundation in the education sector!




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