Kerry McCollum

For the past five years, Kerry has been back at the Peace Corps, where she started her career so many years ago. In her current position as the Chief of Staff for Professional Development she very happily gets to work with U.S. and host country staff around the globe on their professional development needs and due to the 2020 evacuation of all 7000 PC Volunteers, the demand for staff development has exploded! Peace Corps is hoping to get the Volunteers back out to the field in 2021.


After leaving CIE, Kerry returned to Morocco (where she had served as a Volunteer) and served as the APCD for Education.  She then returned to the U.S. and spent 7 years overseeing college based ESL programs for international students. 


In 1999 she accepted a position with AFS-USA Intercultural Programs where she spent the next 17 years serving in a wide variety of positions from Director of Program Operations to Vice President for Human Resources, Volunteer Development and Programs. She is a true believer in the impact of long term youth exchange programs, not only on the students themselves but also on the families, the volunteer’s schools and communities that send and host them. AFS-USA exchanges students among sixty countries across the globe.


Kerry currently resides just outside Washington D.C. with her husband, Mostafa. [11-20]




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