Ken Ndala

Upon leaving CIE Ken returned to his post as a lecturer in Education Policy, Planning and Leadership at Chancellor College, University of Malawi.   He was subsequently appointed as the Director of the newly established E-Learning Centre at the University. During this period he also worked as a consultant with USAID Malawi.


In 2015 he left that post to become the Director of Education Planning in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.  Interestingly Ken was replaced by Antonie Chigeda as the activing director of the E-Learning Centre when he left to join the Ministry of Education.


He has published several articles recently including one in 2017 on Malawi Primary School Teacher attrition from 1996 to 2011 in the Greener Journal of Educational Research.


His most recent position was as Principal Secretary, Malawi Ministry of Industry, Trade & Tourism, which he held until the change of government in July 2020. [1-21]




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